Happy Couple Hearing Care Services

Audiology Services

Arizona Hearing Specialists provides audiology services to all ages, including newborns. We are a one-stop shop, providing hearing assessments, fitting and dispensing of hearing aids, follow-up services and hearing aid accessories.

Hearing evaluations are performed by one of our doctors of audiology. A review of your medical and hearing history and an exam of your ears with a lighted, magnifying tool is completed. Then, you will undergo a series of tests used to confirm your type and severity of hearing loss. Once these tests are completed, your audiologist is able to make a knowledgeable recommendation for the type of hearing aid that will work best.

Once you have received your hearing aid, you will need to come in for periodic hearing aid checks and services. Most individuals will need at least three visits before they are comfortable with using and taking care of their hearing aid. Adjustments are needed to fine-tune the hearing aid settings. Yearly hearing exams are recommended in order to monitor your hearing loss.

Arizona Hearing Specialists stocks assistive listening devices (ALDs) in addition to hearing aids. Some individuals with hearing aids require assistive listening devices to supplement their hearing aid. Others can benefit from ALDs as they help directly connect your hearing aid with televisions and cell phones. Our office is always well stocked with the most current ALDs; this enables you to try the devices out before purchasing.