All ears are not the same; each of us has different grooves and shapes that make our ears unique. In order to get the best fit possible for your hearing aid, earplug, hunting and swimming protection and even headphones, a custom earplug is ideal.

Included in the price for each custom earmold is the office visit to take the impression and fit the finished product. Earplugs can be created in a variety of colors; glitter can even be added to the mix!

Reduce Damage To Your Hearing

Custom earmolds in Tucson AZ
Unfortunately, sometimes the things we love can cause damage to our hearing. This is the case when riding a motorcycle, hunting, shooting, attending concerts and swimming. Some of these activities can damage our hearing because of the continued exposure to loud noises.

Custom Earmolds Protect Your Hearing

A custom earmold can provide the correct level of protection, drastically reducing the loudness of sounds that enter the ear. Some of these activities leave us exposed to the elements, such as high winds from riding a motorcycle and the water from competitive swimming. These can all cause damage to the ear.

Earmolds can also be utilized to make a better fitting in-the-ear headphone. Instead of those cheaper models that constantly fall out of your ear and require you to raise the volume to an unsafe level in order to hear the music, custom earmolds for electronic devices can be the remedy to these issues.

The headphones will fit securely and comfortably in your ear, never accidently falling out. A great fit also ensures all the music enters your ear, which means you can listen to your favorite tunes at a safe level.