All ears are not the same; each of us has different grooves and shapes that make our ears unique. In order to get the best fit possible for your hearing aid, earplug, hunting and swimming protection and even headphones, a custom earplug is ideal.

Included in the price for each custom earmold is the office visit to take the impression and fit the finished product. Earplugs can be created in a variety of colors; glitter can even be added to the mix!

Reduce Damage To Your Hearing

Custom earmolds in Tucson AZ
Unfortunately, sometimes the things we love can cause damage to our hearing. This is the case when riding a motorcycle, hunting, shooting, attending concerts and swimming. Some of these activities can damage our hearing because of the continued exposure to loud noises.

Custom Earmolds Protect Your Hearing

A custom earmold can provide the correct level of protection, drastically reducing the loudness of sounds that enter the ear. Some of these activities leave us exposed to the elements, such as high winds from riding a motorcycle and the water from competitive swimming. These can all cause damage to the ear.

Earmolds can also be utilized to make a better fitting in-the-ear headphone. Instead of those cheaper models that constantly fall out of your ear and require you to raise the volume to an unsafe level in order to hear the music, custom earmolds for electronic devices can be the remedy to these issues.

The headphones will fit securely and comfortably in your ear, never accidently falling out. A great fit also ensures all the music enters your ear, which means you can listen to your favorite tunes at a safe level.

Protecting Your Hearing

We are exposed to sound on a daily basis. Volume levels vary considerably, and can easily exceed 85 decibels (dB) – the threshold that is considered safe. Any prolonged exposure to noise exceeding this is harmful and can cause permanent, irreversible hearing loss.

Excess noise exposure isn’t the only cause of hearing damage. Diseases, drugs and injury may all contribute to hearing loss. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your hearing and help prevent hearing impairment.

Protecting Your Hearing from Loud Noise

Noise-induced hearing loss is the most common cause of hearing loss in the U.S. The good news? It is easily preventable. Follow these tips to protect your hearing:

  • Wear hearing protection when exposed to loud noise. Earplugs are a must in noisy environments such as rock concerts and sporting events. They should also be worn when riding a motorcycle or snowmobile, mowing the lawn, using power tools, etc. If your job exposes you to loud noise, your employer is required by OSHA to supply hearing protection.
  • Turn down the volume. When listening to music or watching television, keep the volume low.
  • Limit the number of noisy appliances running at the same time.
  • Buy quieter products. Many appliances list dB ratings in their specifications.

Preventing Hearing Loss from Diseases

Some diseases can cause hearing loss. Viruses that might damage hearing include measles, mumps, whooping cough and rubella. Bacterial diseases such as meningitis and syphilis can also lead to hearing damage. Acoustic neuroma – tumors on the hearing nerve (usually benign) – may contribute to hearing loss. Tips for preventing hearing loss from disease include:

  • Make sure your child is vaccinated. Immunizations offer protection from many childhood infections that can cause hearing damage.
  • If you are sexually active, use protection to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, some of which can cause hearing loss.
  • Don’t delay seeking medical attention should you fall ill.

Protection from Ototoxic Drugs

Some drugs cause damage to the sensory cells responsible for hearing. These include certain antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, salicylate pain relievers (e.g., aspirin), quinine (for treating malaria) and diuretics. In order to reduce your odds of hearing loss when taking medications, follow these tips:

  • Take medications only as directed.
  • If you experience symptoms of hearing loss such as tinnitus while taking new drugs, see your doctor immediately.

Preventing Ear Injuries

Head trauma can damage the temporal bones in the lower lateral walls of the skull, leading to hearing loss. To help prevent this type of injury, take the following precautions:

  • Wear a seat belt at all times when in a car.
  • Wear a helmet when riding a bike or motorcycle, and participating in contact sports.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks, such as standing on the top rung of a ladder.

There are other general steps you can take to protect your hearing. Refrain from inserting foreign objects in the ears; these can lead to impacted earwax, a perforated eardrum or damage to the skin. Cotton swabs and safety pins are notorious offenders. Use swim plugs when engaging in water activities and be sure to dry your ears thoroughly after swimming or bathing. Seek prompt medical attention if you are suffering from an ear infection.

Musician’s Earmolds

Exposure to loud music is one of the leading causes of noise-induced hearing loss. Musicians spend many hours practicing and performing and depend on good hearing in order to compose their music. Unfortunately, consistent exposure to loud music carries a high price. Damaging sounds can lead to a host of hearing disorders including long-term hearing loss, tinnitus and more. Musicians earplugs can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss while allowing musicians to enjoy the music and reduce their risk of developing permanent hearing damage.

Unlike traditional earplugs that block out noise, resulting in music and speech that is muffled or distorted, musician’s earplugs are high-fidelity, meaning they reduce sound levels evenly while keeping the original quality of the music intact. This translates to music and speech that is clear and natural, and allows musicians to hear their own instruments and how well they blend in with the other band members.

Musicians earplugs are made up of a diaphragm and earmold that work together to produce attenuation (reduction in sound) that is smooth and flat across the entire frequency range. Many feature interchangeable attenuators that provide multiple levels of sound reduction for different listening situations (e.g., private rehearsals vs. full-scale concerts). They can be used in place of loudspeaker monitoring systems, which typically crowd the stage and increase noise levels significantly. Despite their name, these earplugs aren’t solely for the use of musicians; they also benefit concertgoers, allowing them to enjoy live performances while protecting their hearing. Musicians earplugs can be used in other noisy environments such as airshows and sporting events.

Hunter’s Earmolds

Guns are one of the biggest threats to your hearing. They can cause instant, permanent and irreversible damage to your ears. Understandable, given the fact that a gunshot produces sounds at 120¬–160 decibels – louder than a jet engine.

Many hunters, police officers, sharpshooters and military personnel avoid wearing basic earplugs because they block out both important, safe sounds and damaging sounds simultaneously. Military and hunter’s molds solve this problem by distinguishing between good and bad sounds using advanced digital and mechanical technologies.

Earmolds for hunters, soldiers and police officers can be customized for your ears or purchased in universal forms. Custom hunter’s molds offer the benefit of a tight, secure fit specific to your ears. Universal models are a less expensive alternative that still offers better protection than earmuffs, headphones or fingers.

How Do Hunter’s Earmolds Work?

Hunter’s molds use specialized features that eliminate damagingly loud sounds while still letting important, subtle sounds enter your ears. These earplugs can be created using individual molds from your ears or bought as generic plugs. They use an acoustic filter to block out loud sounds while amplifying those at low decibel levels. This way, you can hear rustling twigs, quiet speech and other important but subtle noises while protecting yourself from permanent hearing loss.

Hunter’s molds also have a tiny valve opening that is designed to automatically close when hit with sound waves at damaging decibel levels. This valve means your hearing is protected even if you’re not the one shooting a firearm. This feature is highly useful for the police force, military members and people shooting at a range with other gunmen.

If your work or hobbies bring you around firearms often, it’s vital to protect your ears and prevent substantial damage to your hearing. At Arizona Hearing Specialists, hunter’s molds are one of our custom earmold specialties. Give us a call to find out about our available models today.

Protect Young Ears, Comfort and Soothe Young Children

Lucid Audio has released devices to protect the hearing of children without compromising the ability to take in sounds. The product is called HearMuffs and the features include active compression of harmful sounds, the unique ability to let in outside voices at a comfortable level and the choice to play four soothing sounds.

For more information please visit the Lucid Audio website at