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Schedule a Hearing Evaluation

Calling Arizona Hearing Specialists to schedule a hearing evaluation is your first step towards a better quality of life and improved hearing.

When you come in for your first visit with us, we will start the process by reviewing your medical history and history of hearing loss. You will also receive a physical exam of your ear.

The second step will be the hearing evaluation. A series of tests will be performed to pinpoint the cause, type and severity of your hearing loss. There are a number of tests that can be performed.

Typically, a pure tone evaluation, a speech evaluation and an immittance middle ear evaluation will be completed.

  • Pure tone testing is used to determine the faintest tones you can hear, at a range of pitches. A series of tones will be played through specially designed insert earphones. You will be instructed to raise your hand every time you hear a tone.
  • Speech testing measures how well you hear and understand speech. A series of words will be read aloud to you and you will be instructed to repeat the words back to the tester.
  • Immittance testing is used to see how well the middle ear, eardrum and Eustachian tubes are functioning. A burst of air is pushed into the ear canal and the eardrum’s reaction is measured.