Picking the Right Hearing for Your Lifestyle

48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. For most of them a hearing aid is the preferred method of treatment. Selecting the right hearing aid can be overwhelming; there are countless styles, brands and features to choose from. Fortunately, your Arizona Hearing Specialist, Doctor of Audiology will work with you through every step of the process from diagnosis to treatment in order to ensure you have made the right decision.

Choosing hearing aid in Tucson AZ

Selecting a Hearing Aid

The hearing aid selection process:

  1. Visit the audiologist. At your first visit, you and your audiologist will review your medical and hearing history. The audiologist will examine your ears and perform a comprehensive hearing evaluation and will determine the type and extent of your hearing loss. Based on your specific hearing needs, your audiologist will be able to make a recommendation on what treatment plan is right for you and may include hearing aids.
  2. Select the style. There are several styles of hearing aids. We will help select the one best suited for you.
  3. Choose the features. Technology is continuing to evolve; this is no less true for hearing aids. These devices can now be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, noise reduction and additional microphones. Your audiologist will explain each available feature; this will help you decide which ones are best suited for your lifestyle.
  4. Decide where to buy. You can purchase a hearing aid anywhere, from big box stores to small local businesses. While some of these options are cheaper than others, it is important to take into consideration that selecting a hearing aid often involves some trial and error. Working one-on-one with an experienced audiologist will ensure you are able to make the most informed decision. Hearing aids also require additional follow-up visits, to make adjustments and upgrades. These visits will be more successful if you have worked with the same audiologist throughout the whole process, as they understand both your specific hearing loss and your hearing aid.