Are Your Ears Ready for Summer?

Summer is quickly approaching, especially for those folks who choose to overlook the June 21 official start date and just consider summer the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. With that comes backyard barbeques, pool parties and vacations. But there are some summer activities that leave you with more than everlasting memories; they will leave you with damage to your hearing.

Your Green Valley audiologist is here to help you enjoy the season without putting your hearing health in jeopardy.

Noise-Induced Hearing Risks

Noise-Induced Hearing Risks

Exposure to loud noises, from things such as lawn mowers, power tools, sporting events, concerts and fireworks can cause irreversible damage to your hearing, known as noise-induced hearing loss. Why do some sounds cause damage and others don’t?

Sounds are measured in decibels. Anything over 85 decibels, such as heavy Tucson traffic, can cause hearing loss after only eight hours. Anything over 100 dB (a motorcycle) can cause damage after 15 minutes. Anything over 120 dB (a jackhammer) can cause damage immediately.

Below are some tips from your Green Valley audiologist to protect yourself from loud sounds this summer.

Use Earplugs.

We already talked about the laundry list of loud noises many of us are exposed to in the summer months. Instead of missing out on the fun quintessential summertime activities, your Green Valley audiologist has a rather simple solution – use earplugs.

Disposable earplugs found at your local Tucson pharmacy are made of foam or silicone. They allow you to hear music and conversations while blocking dangerously loud sounds.

If you are often going to loud events, consider the benefits of custom ear protection. These earplugs are made from a mold of your ear to ensure the best fit and protection.

Don’t Even Think About Buying Your Own Fireworks

There is a reason there are firework professionals – fireworks are extremely dangerous! Not only that, they are extremely loud. The bang from a single firecracker can cause immediate and permanent hearing damage.

When watching a fireworks spectacular, make sure you are at a good distance. You should also wear some earplugs to ensure you can enjoy the festivities without putting your hearing health at risk.

Protect Yourself from Swimmer’s Ear

Swimming and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. But before you jump into that cool, refreshing water, take a minute to consider your ears.

If bacteria in the water enters your ear, it can cause an infection known as swimmer’s ear. To protect against this, make sure you dry your ears thoroughly after swimming and tip your head to the side to ensure all the water that has collected in your ear canal drips out. If you are a frequent swimmer, consider investing in a pair of swimmer’s plugs.

For more information on how to protect your hearing this summer, contact your Green Valley audiologist.

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