Better Hearing, Better Memory, Better Communication

My husband and I are having some communication problems. He frequently claims that I did not tell him about specific appointments or other goings-on in our daily lives. I know that I discussed these things with him. Is it his hearing or is his memory failing? How can we have better communication?


The situation you have described is one that we see often in our practice when one spouse’s hearing difficulties cause communication issues. It isn’t that he or she isn’t listening but rather a case of not understanding what was said. When we sit down with a couple like yourselves who are having these issues, we like to point out to them that while we hear with our ears, we listen with our brains.

So … if someone has hearing difficulties it only stands to reason that they will have difficulties remembering parts or all of a conversation. Simply put, the brain cannot remember what it did not hear in the first place.

To find out if the use of properly fit hearing aids can do wonders for your spouse’s hearing difficulties – thereby improving his memory and the communication between you – call today to schedule a consultation and hearing test.

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Janis Gasch
Janis Gasch