Brain Hearing & Beyond

When most of us think about hearing, we think of our ears, but our brain plays a large role in hearing as well. When treating hearing loss, audiologists’ understanding of the interaction between hearing and cognition plays a crucial role in providing patients with a reliable and effective solution.

A study concluded that seniors with hearing loss who use hearing aids significantly reduced their rates of cognitive decline to levels that matched their peers without hearing loss. After taking into account factors such as age, gender and education, researchers found a significant association between hearing loss, hearing aid use and cognitive decline over the 25-year period of the study. Individuals with hearing loss who used hearing aids experienced rates of cognitive decline similar to those of individuals who did not have hearing loss.

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Dr. Janis Gasch, Founding Director of Arizona Hearing Specialists is excited about the newest technology advances over the past year. “Whether it is the new Brain Hearing technology or Rechargeable hearing aids, the advances that have been made will dramatically improve the quality of life of those with hearing loss.”

Because of the strong correlation between hearing and cognition, we highly recommend regular hearing evaluations as part of your health care routine. Call one of our Doctors of Audiology at Arizona Hearing Specialists today (520) 648-3277 to schedule a hearing evaluation.

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