Buying Hearing Aids Online: Convenience Does Not Equal Success

I’ve seen hearing aids advertised online a lot lately. I’m on a budget and it seems like this could be a convenient option. What is your professional opinion?


The internet has unquestionably changed the way we live. Products are more easily accessible than ever before, so it should come as no surprise that among things readily available are hearing aids. While we understand the convenience, our stance on buying hearing aids online is a very cautious one.

Without the proper tools and training to accurately determine the degree and configuration of your hearing loss, pair technology in accordance with your lifestyle and budget, and properly adjust that technology to a specific set of listening situations, your “convenient online purchase” could quickly become an act of throwing your money away—especially if your hearing aids end up in your drawer after a few frustrating days or weeks.

At Arizona Hearing Specialists, we strive to provide our patients a comprehensive approach to better hearing, one that includes a long-term solution to your unique hearing difficulties. Complimentary in-office and online educational materials, communication tips and classes, and better hearing events are just a few of the things we offer to help you hear your best. Come learn how different—and effective—hearing care from an experienced professional truly is.

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Janis Gasch
Janis Gasch