Cochlear Implant Candidacy

At Arizona Hearing Specialists, our doctors of audiology are trained in cochlear implant candidacy evaluations and programming. Some people are not able to receive benefit from hearing aids, and when hearing aids are not enough, a cochlear implant may be an appropriate option.

If you experience minimal benefit from hearing aids, and the shape and degree of your hearing loss are appropriate, a cochlear implant candidacy evaluation may be recommended by your audiologist.

After completing a candidacy evaluation at AHS, if you are determined to be a candidate, you will be referred to an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physician who specializes in implantable hearing devices and will be able to discuss the surgical options with you.

After surgery, you will continue to see your audiologist at Arizona Hearing Specialists in order to have the cochlear implant programmed and fine-tuned.

We are delighted to have a working partnership with Dr. Abraham Jacob and the University of Arizona Ear Institute for implantable hearing devices such as cochlear implants.

If you believe you or a loved one could be a candidate for cochlear implants, please contact us today to schedule your candidacy evaluation.

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Janis Gasch
Janis Gasch