Driving with Hearing Loss

Driving with hearing loss

Can You Hear Emergency Vehicles When Driving?

There is no better feeling than hitting the Tucson road. Whether you are running errands or lazily seeing the city sights, driving gets you where you need to go. But what about those who are suffering from hearing loss? Car horns and emergency vehicles are an important part of the driving experience as they help to can keep you safe.

The best way to ensure your safety while driving is to meet with your Tucson audiologist. The audiologist will perform a hearing test in order to determine your type and degree of hearing loss.

Once that has been determined, the Tucson audiologist will be able to craft an individualized treatment plan. This plan will most likely include the use of a hearing aid.

Safe Driving with Hearing Loss Tips

For those who are not quite ready to schedule an appointment, driving can still be done safely if you follow these simple tips.

Get in the habit of looking at your dashboard before and after making a turn. Most of us use the turn indicator ticking to let us know if our blinker has been turned on before making the turn, and whether it has turned off after making one.

The light on the dashboard also goes on when the blinker is engaged. If you get in the habit of checking your dashboard to make sure the turn indicator has been turned on and again to make sure it has been turned off, you will be much less likely to leave your left turn signal on.

Purchase a wider rear-window. This will help you see as much of the road as possible. Take some time to properly adjust your side mirrors. One of the simplest ways to prevent accidents is to be aware of your surroundings.

Try to keep distractions to a minimum while driving. This includes keeping the windows up (especially while driving fast on a highway) and turning off the radio. Keep your eyes out for flashing lights, as these can indicate a railroad crossing or an emergency vehicle. This is why Tucson emergency vehicles have flashing lights and sirens.

For more tips on how to stay safe with hearing loss, contact your local Tucson audiologist.

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