Hearing, a Factor in Fitness


Across the United States, a growing fitness culture is taking precedence. One of the primary goals of the fitness lover to is improve his or her overall health, but did you know that our hearing plays an important role in our total wellness? If you want to maintain your health, addressing your hearing is an important step.

Hearing health plays a more important role in our total well-being than most people realize. In fact, our auditory abilities help keep us sharp, focused and healthy. Untreated hearing loss can even result in major health issues, such as cognitive decline and depression. When dealing with a loss of hearing, many individuals withdraw from social situations and engage in physical activities less often. These side effects are heightened if the individual is also suffering from depression or reduced cognitive acuity.

This serves as a cycle, where the hearing impaired lose confidence and reduce activities even further. Studies have shown that individuals with a hearing loss experience a decline in their functional fitness, which leads in an increased likelihood of fall-related injuries and hospitalization.


Many individuals are hesitant to seek treatment for a hearing problem. Experts speculate that this is due in part to the societal stigma that associates hearing aids with aging. However, being proactive about your hearing health can actually improve your overall health and make you feel younger. Additionally, treating your hearing loss early on can prevent further damage to your hearing and stave off mental decline.

In order to reach your optimal health, be sure to get an annual hearing test. This can ensure any hearing-related problems are diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Those who already have a hearing impairment should seek treatment for their hearing loss. An audiology professional can work with the patient to rehabilitate their hearing. Green Valley is equipped with some of the country’s premiere experts in audiology. Arizona Hearing Specialists offers a full range of diagnostic and preventative hearing healthcare services. To schedule your consultation, contact our office at (520) 399-7630!

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