Hearing Loss and the Upcoming School Year


Across the country, parents are in the throes of the back-to-school excitement. Kids are zooming down store aisles with their lists, in search of the school supplies that speak to their individual personalities. As parents, we try our best to set our children up for success. At Arizona Hearing, we know how it feels to want to provide your child with the best resources possible. However, one of the greatest barriers to a child’s academic success may go unnoticed.

Did you know hearing plays a significant role in a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development? If left untreated, hearing loss negatively impacts a child’s speech and language development, as well are their ability to socialize with their peers. Children experiencing a hearing loss will likely have more difficulty in school than their classmates and may struggle to keep up with the increasingly complex lessons. This may also feed into feelings of social isolation and manifest into behavioral problems.

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To prevent hearing loss from negatively affecting your child’s education, an early diagnosis is key. While the mandatory hearing screenings provided at schools are a great service, students are screened approximately once every two years. During that span, a child may experience drastic changes in his or her ability to hear. Our practice encourages parents to learn the signs of hearing loss, so they are able to identify any red flags. A few common symptoms include:

  • Watching the face of the person speaking intently
  • Responding with “What?” or “Huh?” on a regular basis
  • A short attention span
  • Difficulty identifying the source of sounds
  • Delayed or mild reaction to loud, unexpected noises

If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with our team at Arizona Hearing. Our local Tucson audiology practice will use comprehensive diagnostics to identify a potential hearing loss. If a hearing loss is detected, our team of audiologists will create an individualized treatment plan to ensure a better quality of life and improved hearing for your child. Being proactive about your child’s hearing health will help grant them the same access to education as their peers. If you’d like to schedule a consultation or find out more about hearing loss, contact our office at (520) 399-7630 today!

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