Help others while helping yourself in the season of giving

As the season of giving approaches, we often think about what we can do for others. While you might not consider how hearing aids can fit into the season, they most certainly can.

Hearing aids have become very sophisticated over the years, with features undreamt of just a generation ago. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the advent of wireless connectivity. Thanks to the proliferation of Bluetooth® technology, today’s hearing devices are more versatile than ever, and feature unparalleled sound quality and convenience.

Bluetooth is a wireless communications system that allows a variety of electronic devices, including computers, smartphones and personal audio players, to exchange data – in essence, communicating with one another. When paired with hearing aids, Bluetooth allows the user to stream signals from those devices directly to the hearing aids.

Bluetooth enabled hearing aids come with a controller for transmitting and receiving wireless signals to and from other Bluetooth devices. By sending data through the wireless spectrum instead of over the airwaves, there is no need for the internal microphone to pick up and amplify sound. The result is clearer, more natural sound. The hearing aid can connect with many different devices including television sets, cellphones, GPS systems and even other medical devices.

And how does this fit into the season of giving? If you are looking to upgrade your current hearing aids, you can donate your old hearing aids to help those who are in need.

If you are interested in finding out more about the new technology or are looking to upgrade your current hearing aids contact one of the Doctors of Audiology at Arizona Hearing Specialists today for your comprehensive hearing evaluation at (520) 648-3277.

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