It’s Your Choice: Don’t Wait to Treat Your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a growing concern, especially in the younger population. Since it is a progressive condition, many don’t realize they have it for some time. In fact, the average time between developing hearing loss and seeking treatment is seven years. Would you wait seven years before seeing a doctor for any other medical condition? Of course not.

Below are your Tucson audiologist’s top three reasons that you should seek treatment now.

Not treating your hearing loss can damage your relationships.

Don't Wait to Treat Your Hearing Loss

While missing words here and there may be frustrating for you, imagine how hard it is for the ones you love. You are constantly asking them to repeat themselves, if you even hear that they are talking at all.

Watching television or listening to the radio can also be challenging for those with hearing loss. What’s that? All you do is turn the volume up and you’ve fixed the problem? Enter example number two of how your untreated hearing loss can be detrimental to your loved ones. No one wants to have to worry if they are going to blow out their eardrums simply by turning on the television to watch the morning news.

Another risk for those with untreated hearing loss is that many simply grow tired of feeling alone in a room full of people. Soon, staying home becomes easier than struggling to understand others. This can lead to social isolation and feelings of depression.

Hearing and Your Health

In addition to simply hearing better, treating your hearing loss with hearing aids can improve your physical health.

According to research from Johns Hopkins, even mild hearing loss has been linked to a three-fold risk of falling, and that risk increases with the severity of the hearing loss. This should be taken seriously as falls are the leading cause of death from injury among people 65 and older.

Hearing loss is also linked to the presence of cardiovascular disease, as diminished hearing can be an early sign of the condition. Cardiovascular disease often involves narrowing of your blood vessels, and the delicate hair cells (stereocilia) of your inner ear are often the first to suffer from the lack of adequate blood flow.

Poor Hearing and Your Professional Life

Untreated hearing loss plays a role in both finding a job and achieving professional success. Missing information, especially during a job interview, can be hard to recover from.

Hearing loss can also result in lower earnings, with one study suggesting people with hearing loss earn up to $30,000 less per year.

The choice is up to you. Would you rather live in denial of your hearing loss and accept what life throws at you or do you finally want to do something about it? Contact your Tucson audiologist today to get started.

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