Tinnitus Facts

The sensation of hearing sounds that are not there is called tinnitus. These sounds sound different to the over 50 million people in Green Valley and throughout the country who report some degree of tinnitus; the most common complaints are a ringing, buzzing, whooshing or clicking noise.

Tinnitus can be caused by a number of things, including head injury, medication side effect and disease. The most common cause, however, is damage to the hairs within the inner ear, usually caused by noise-induced hearing loss.

In order to truly understand this condition, your Green Valley audiologist put together a list of tinnitus facts.

Understanding the Facts

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  • Almost two million people suffer from severe tinnitus that interferes with daily activities.
  • Nearly 12 million people have tinnitus so severe they seek medical attention.
  • Tinnitus and hearing loss go hand in hand; 90 percent of those suffering from tinnitus also have some degree of hearing loss.
  • Nearly 40 percent of those with tinnitus experience the symptoms at least 80 percent of their day.
  • Around 60 percent of veterans returning from war report tinnitus.
  • More than 200 drugs are known to cause tinnitus as a side effect.
  • There are two types of tinnitus – subjective and objective. Subjective is tinnitus only you can hear. Objective can be heard by your audiologist.
  • More than 99 percent of all causes of tinnitus are subjective.
  • Stress and anxiety may contribute to tinnitus.
  • Cigarette smoke may be harmful to your ears. Studies have linked the toxic chemicals found in the smoke with chronic ear infections and tinnitus.
  • There are several groups of people who are at higher risk of developing tinnitus: those who work around loud machinery, musicians, hunters, senior citizens, military personnel and cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

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