Tips for Preventing Dementia

A recent article, which has been discussed in reports from Britain and the United States, has proposed that 35 percent of dementia cases can be delayed or even prevented by avoiding key risks. Many of the risk factors involve heart and brain health. They include:

Brain Aging

Not keeping the brain healthy

Studies have shown that brain health plays a role in dementia. Doctors recommend good childhood education and staying socially engaged in old age. This keeps the brain healthy with constant stimulation. When the brain is not stimulated and receiving signals for extended periods of time, it’s health will decline and lead to serious conditions such as dementia.

Not keeping the heart healthy

High blood pressure has been linked to poor brain health. Blood vessel problems such as the buildup of fatty plaque in the arteries can cause heart disease. The same problems can also damage brain function since the brain depends on a steady supply of oxygen-rich blood. So if your heart is healthy, typically your brain is too.

Not keeping the body healthy

Working out the body is just as important as working out the brain or heart. In fact, the brain is stimulated with new signals and blood when you are active. Staying physically active throughout your life can help keep your brain healthy and prevent dementia.

Not managing your health conditions
Just like the heart, poor health can affect the brain. Conditions such as obesity, diabetes and depression can all contribute to more serious conditions if left untreated. Managing these conditions will keep you and your brain healthy.


Smoking has been attributed to a number of health conditions. Smokers have a 45 percent higher risk of developing dementia. Researchers believe that smoking affects the development of the brain through vascular and neurodegenerative pathways. This means smoking harms your brain’s health by not providing oxygen-rich blood and preventing brain tissue from regenerating.

Not getting your hearing checked

Several studies have shown that older people who do not treat their hearing loss have a higher risk of cognitive decline such as dementia. Individuals who treated their hearing loss showed the same cognitive levels as those who did not have hearing loss.

If you want to prevent dementia, try avoiding these risk factors and be healthy!

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