Tips for Preventing Hearing Loss This Fall

With every season comes a new set of hearing challenges. There are a number of autumn activities in Tucson, Arizona that can cause noise-induced hearing loss. Instead of damaging your hearing, following the below tips.

Use Earplugs to Prevent Hearing Loss

Wearing earplugs every time you are exposed to loud sounds helps prevent hearing loss and tinnitus. Disposable earplugs are readily available at any Tucson pharmacy; these earplugs allow you to hear music and conversations while blocking dangerously loud noise. Custom ear protection crafted from personalized earmolds will perfectly fit the unique contours of your ears, guaranteeing a snug, proper fit and dependable protection from hearing loss and other auditory problems.

Fall in Tucson

Avoid the Noise

Taking steps to limit the length of time you spend in loud environments is crucial to protecting your hearing. When you do participate in noisy activities, make sure to give yourself a listening break. This helps your ears recuperate from the risky sounds that cause hearing loss.

Turn It Down

Keep the volume turned down when listening to music, playing video games or watching TV. Wearing bud-style headphones can also be dangerous.

Look Out for Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are enemy number one during the fall. While they are useful, they produce hazardously loud noises. The most powerful models can create a stream of air exceeding 200 mph with noise levels as high as 112 decibels. This can cause permanent hearing damage in fewer than 15 minutes.

If you aren’t willing to hire a professional landscaper to do the work, consider replacing older models of leaf blowers with newer models that offer reduced decibel output. Even the quietest leaf blowers available will gradually damage your ears, so always wear quality or custom earplugs during yard work.

Understand the Risks of Football Season

Finally, football is back! While there is nothing like being in the stands and cheering on your team, it is important to take note of the noise. Any sound over 85 dB can harm your hearing and noise over 120 dB can cause permanent hearing loss. A new record was set by Kansas City Chiefs fans in 2014 when they produced cheers at 142.2 dB. This is actually louder than a gunshot, jet or fireworks. So, next time you attend a football game, remember to pack earplugs.

Get Advice from an Audiologist

This is probably the simplest tip of all! Schedule an appointment with your Tucson audiologist to discuss your hearing protection options. If you typically spend your fall participating in loud hobbies, such as concert going or hunting, they have custom earmolds just for that.

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