When Should You Upgrade Your Hearing Aid?

No one likes getting rid of the things they have had forever. Even those free t-shirts you got from that Tucson volunteer event you did that one time; you never know when you will need more paint clothes. Might as well save it in a drawer, just in case. What if that old t-shirt was a television. Would you be okay keeping that old analog TV, even though it cannot even compare to the quality picture you get from a new 4k flat screen? Of course not.

hearing  aid technology

When you think of the pair of hearing aids you have had for years, think of them like the television, not like an old t-shirt. They are complex electronic devices, and while they may have been the crème de la crème at the time they were purchased, they are now quite outdated. This is because technology inside hearing aids is advancing at a rapid pace; devices that were state-of-the-art even a few years ago cannot compete with newer models.


We understand: hearing aids are expensive. You spent a few thousand dollars on a pair of hearing devices only a few years ago; you are certainly not in a rush to do that again. But did you know that you could still be missing out?


Newer devices contain features like Bluetooth® compatibility for added versatility and ease of use. They are also more compact and comfortable than ever before. Adaptive dual microphones offer outstanding directionality and sound localization, and advanced digital sound processing and ear-to-ear internal communications allow the devices to make automatic adjustments based on the environment. What this means is that these new devices are able to analyze the type of sound being received and use advanced algorithms to accurately apply and balance amplification. Important sounds are amplified, and background noise becomes more manageable. This makes it easier for you to understand speech in noisy environments, substantially reduces feedback and creates a more natural listening experience overall.


The hearing aids available in Tuscon are the best we have ever seen. To prove this to you, come on into Arizona Hearing and try one out for yourself. Our Tucson audiologists understand how daunting selecting a new hearing aid can be; that is why we will help you through every step of the selection process. This will ensure you are able to reconnect with your friends and family and enjoy a better quality of life.

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Arizona Hearing Specialists