What Is an Audiologist and What Do We Do?


Hearing loss is often considered a “silent” disorder. Aside from the occasional communication breakdown, a hearing impairment often goes unnoticed. However, the condition is very prevalent, affecting as many as 48 million Americans from all demographics. In order to promote education about this condition, the American Academy of Audiology has declared the month of October as National Audiology Awareness Month. A major part of the hearing health ecosystem is the hearing health experts, otherwise known as audiologists. This week, our team would like to promote audiology awareness by shining a light on our profession.

Who We Are

Audiologists are the primary health care professionals responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hearing and balance disorders. Most audiologists earn a doctorate degree in audiology (AuD), though some audiologists may receive a doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree or a doctor of science (ScD) degree.

What We Do

A common perception of audiologists is that our primary task is to dispense hearing aids. While this is an essential aspect of our career, we also treat a range of hearing and vestibular (balance) disorders. In addition, we may specialize in other domains including auditory rehabilitation, cochlear implants, ear-related surgeries, research and tinnitus treatment. Audiologists can work in a range of settings, such as private practices, hospitals, research facilities, ENT clinics and universities.

Why We Do It

Audiology is an endlessly rewarding career. Many of us became audiologists to improve our patients’ quality of life through diagnostics and counseling. We understand how essential communication is to the human experience, which is why we seek to educate, rehabilitate and empower the hearing-impaired community.

If you feel as though you or a loved one could benefit from treatment or counseling from an audiology professional, we can help. Our team of certified audiologists provides each patient with personalized, compassionate care. Additionally, we provide the latest technology in treatments and hearing aids. Arizona Hearing Specialists can be reached at (520) 399-7630.

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