Hearing Aid Repair

No matter what you buy, it will eventually need repairs. While some things, like a furnace, must only be worked on by a professional, other items can be tinkered with by amateurs. This is the category your hearing aids fall into. There are a number of simple hearing aid repairs that you can complete at home; these should be tried before you make an appointment for your Green Valley audiologist to fix it.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aid Hearing air repairs in Green Valley

Your hearing aids spend all day trapped in a damp environment. They come into contact with earwax and other debris, which can easily become trapped in the tiny holes and spaces of the device.

Cleaning your hearing aid every day with a dry tissue or cloth can help prevent the device from getting clogged. The earmolds can be removed and washed with a mild soap solution. Make sure they are dry before being reattached to the hearing aid.

In order to prevent moisture from becoming trapped inside the hearing aid, you should open the battery compartment and remove the battery before going to bed. This allows the device to dry out. A dryer or dehumidifier can also help eliminate moisture.

Having Trouble Hearing?

If you are having trouble hearing, there is a checklist of things you can try at home.

  1. Make sure your hearing aid is on. This is often overlooked but you’ll certainty be mad at yourself later if this was the problem and you didn’t check.
  2. Turn the volume up. It is easy for the settings or volume controls to get turned down or altered.
  3. Check the batteries. The batteries used in hearing aids do not drain like normal batteries. Instead, they seem to go from full strength to depleted in an instant. You can check the batteries with a battery tester and replace them if necessary.

If you go through all these steps and your hearing aid is still not working, you should contact your Green Valley audiologist, as the hearing aid repair may require help from an expert.


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