Hearing Aids May Enhance Your Career

Our dependency on our hearing may be easy to overlook, but it plays a key role in our professional lives. When hearing loss is ignored rather than treated, it can negatively affect one’s career in a myriad of ways. Fortunately, the use of hearing aids can prevent a hearing impairment from stifling your professional goals.

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Impacts on Social and Emotional 

The social and emotional effects of hearing loss are extensive. When left unaddressed, hearing loss can lead to decreased confidence, social isolation, heightened anxiety and depression. These impacts can make performing job-related tasks, especially those centered on communication, more challenging. Hearing aids have been proven to improve confidence and self-perception. A study by the National Council of Aging showed that individuals who treat their hearing loss have greater emotional stability and are more social.


Effects on Cognitive Function

The auditory system includes areas of the brain that are responsible for processing incoming sounds. When our hearing functionality deteriorates, these areas of the brain weaken. As a result, it becomes more challenging to process auditory information, resulting in cognitive overload. By treating hearing loss early on, individuals can stave off cognitive decline and keep their auditory processing systems sharp.


 Impacts on Salary and Compensation

Individuals with hearing loss are more likely to be unemployed. When hearing impaired individuals are employed, they are likely to receive less compensation. A survey of more than 40,000 U.S. households showed that individuals with untreated hearing loss earn approximately $12,000 less annually than their counterparts. The use of a listening device has been shown to significantly narrow this pay gap.


In order to prevent hearing impairment from stifling your career, schedule a consultation with an audiology professional. Your doctor will perform a thorough diagnosis of your condition and provide viable treatment options to address your specific type of hearing loss. Being proactive about your hearing health will help prevent the unwanted effects from disrupting your life and serve as an investment in your future. To find an audiologist in Tucson, contact our premiere audiology department today!


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