How Your Hearing Aids Improve Your Physical Health

On average, an individual will wait up to seven years before seeking help for a hearing problem. This is largely due to the fact that many falsely assume a loss of hearing is an undeniable part of the aging process. What they may not realize is that hearing loss plays an important role in overall health. It affects our mental, emotional and physical well-being. By treating a hearing loss early on, you can avoid the complications that stem from a hearing impairment.


Studies have shown that those with an untreated hearing loss are more likely to suffer from serious health conditions including depression, cognitive decline and anxiety. Our hearing helps stimulate the brain. Over time, a lack of this stimulation leads to the weakening of areas in the brain responsible for speech, memory and balance. These conditions can lead to decreased function fitness.
hearing aids and exercise in green valley

The hearing-impaired are also less likely to be active than their counterparts. This is due to a number of potential factors including increased instances of social withdrawal and more difficulties balancing. Wearing hearing aids has been showed to reduce an individual’s rick of sustaining a fall-related injury. A study showed that individuals who engaged in auditory rehabilitation reported improved fitness ability. In addition to improving localization skills, the use of hearing aids also helps to reduce cognitive load, making coordination and other tasks easier to perform.


In addition to improving communication and quality of life, the use of hearing aids may also allow you to enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle. If you suspect you may have some degree of hearing loss, we recommend contacting an audiology professional. Your doctor can perform and diagnosis of your condition and provide a personalized treatment plan. To find a doctor of audiology in Green Valley, contact our team today at (520) 399-7630.

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