Hearing Aids Made for Cellphones?

Back in 2014 we posted an article called Hearing Aids Made for iPhone? In this post we introduced our patients to the Starkey Halo, a sophisticated hearing aid designed to connect directly to an iPhone. Not only can this hearing aid automatically adjust itself based on the environment, it’s connection with the iPhone allows users to route all sorts of audio straight through their hearing aids.

What does this hearing aid do?

Cellphone in Tucson

While it was not a new thing for hearing aids to synchronize with cellphones and other audio devices, it was always a challenge for manufacturers to build a hearing aid that connects directly to these other devices. Typically, there was a middle-man type of device, known as a streamer, which received the signal from your phone and then sent the signal to the hearing aids.

For those who had an iPhone at the time, they were able to stream everything from phone calls to music right into their ears. This gave them the benefit of hands-free listening, without having to wear an additional device to stream the sound. This also led to improve clarity, which is a problem many people with hearing loss are used to.

At the end of the article we predicted that this was just the beginning. Fast forward three years and Phonak has come out with a new hearing aid that can be used with any type of cellphone.

New Hearing Aid Technology

One example of how far hearing aids have come is the Audéo™ B-Direct. This recently released device contains the universal direct connectivity patients have been asking for since the Starkey Halo came on the market. While other devices were only able to wirelessly connect to iOS cellphones, the cutting-edge technology within this device changes all that.

For the first time ever, patients will be able to connect to any Bluetooth™ phone. In addition to phone calls, Phonak released a new multimedia hub called Phonak TV connector. It will enable users to wirelessly connect their new hearing devices to their televisions or stereos.

As you can see, hearing aids have just continued to evolve. Working with Arizona Hearing Specialists will ensure you’ll have access to only the best hearing aids on the market. Your audiologist will make sure you leave satisfied with a hearing aid that fits your type and degree of hearing loss.

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