How Do Hearing Aid Loops Work?

I’ve learned recently that loops and T-coils can help hearing aid users like me hear better at public events. How do hearing aid loops work?


A hearing loop is an antenna, often installed in public places, that delivers sound from a microphone directly to the wireless receiver (called a t-coil) found in most hearing aids and cochlear implants. As awareness of these systems grows, more and more facilities are being “looped” across the U.S.

The loop transmits only the sounds coming from the microphone, thus eliminating the background noise that often causes problems for hearing aid users in large, potentially noisy, public spaces. These systems are relatively inexpensive to install and provide great results in theaters, churches, meeting halls—some people even use these systems in their homes. No venue is too small!

If you have a public gathering space where people could use improved access to better hearing, please give us a call to see if a hearing loop installation can help!

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Janis Gasch
Janis Gasch