What Happens if You Lose Your Hearing Aid?

On my way out of the house this morning, I could not find my keys. I put them in the same dish on the same table as soon as I come in the door every day but for some reason, last night was an exception. After searching for a while, I found them under a pile of opened mail.

You are probably asking yourself why I am telling you this story. It is to set the stage for my argument – anything can be lost. I have successfully put my keys in the same bowl for years and yet I was able to lose them in an instant. The same thing can happen to your hearing aid.

If this happens to you, it is important to remain calm. Once you start frantically searching the battle is over and you lost. Instead of freaking out, follow the below steps put together by your Tucson audiologist.

Retrace Your Steps

How to find your lost hearing aid

While frustratingly simple, the best advice is to retrace your steps. Already done this? Do it again.

You should try to answer these questions:

  • When did you realize your hearing aid was missing?
  • Where were you when you noticed?
  • When was the last time you remember wearing it?

If you think your hearing aid may be lost in a public space or business, give them a call or pop over. Since a hearing aid is so individualized (and those who don’t use one are unaware of their value), it is very likely that a good Samaritan will find the device and return it to a staff member. If the device has not been turned in yet, leave your name and number with the venue.

If your hearing aid was last seen at home, try searching strategically. Go room by room, making sure you include your car, purse, backpack, briefcase and trash for good measure.

Contact Your Tucson Audiologist

Once you have exhausted your search, it is time to contact your Tucson audiologist’s office. Many hearing aids are covered by the manufacturer for a one-time loss or damage replacement within the first five years; some policies are even longer. Additional coverage is also usually offered to you at the time of purchase.

Your Tucson audiologist is able to help you determine what level of coverage you have and the next steps in the process.

Prevention Tips

While misplacing things is inevitable, below are some tips to help you prevent losing your connection to the hearing world:

  • Make sure your hearing aid fits securely. If they feel loose, let your hearing specialist know.
  • When updating hearing aids, select one with built in technology to help you locate the device if it gets lost. This feature is like the popular “find my phone” app on your smartphone.
  • Store your hearing aids in the same spot every night.
  • Don’t get in the habit of taking your hearing aids out during the day and setting them aside.

For more information on keeping your hearing aids safe and working well, contact your Tucson audiologist today.


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